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Common lining materials for color box packagingtheir advantages

2021-01-13 17:00:16

Packaging lining is an important part of the color box packaging, not only can directly protect the product. The quality of lining is directly related to the overall grade of gift packaging. A common jewelry box will have a flocking lining. Now some businessmen product packaging design is very simple but elegant concise, with a delicate lining inside, this kind of practice is easy to leave a good impression to customers. The following to introduce a few common gift box packaging lining materials.

EVA foam is a kind of plastic lining which is widely used. It has good elasticity, flexibility, stamping resistance and gloss. Many color boxes are packed with EVA foam. EVA foam liner can be designed with a grooves in the shape of objects, so that foam can wrap all the items and form a very ideal and safe environment. EVA foam surface can also be flocked. After flocking, EVA foam liner surface is more smooth and shiny, which can be used to wrap many precious and fragile items.

Although the appearance of corrugated paper looks rough, not grade, but because corrugated paper has a fold structure, in the process of color box packaging and transportation, corrugated paper will produce additional gas to reduce friction, increase buffer force, and play a role in the protection and support of the whole article. Corrugated paper, as a new type of environment-friendly lining, is widely used in red wine packaging at present.

Plastic lining Although plastic lining is not soft, but good stability, extrusion resistance, not easy to deformation, plastic lining is often used in food packaging, such as moon cake gift box packaging. When plastic lining is being used, often collocate with silk cloth together, silk cloth has very high gloss, will increase the texture of product color box package with this.

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