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How to choose color printing packaging liningoverall design

2021-01-13 16:55:29

Color printing packaging lining and the overall design in fact its quality also has an inseparable relationship, if the selection of lining and the overall design is unreasonable, so when using this product for the packing and shipping, not only prone to damage, but also affect the service life, so, we must study the right choice.

1, a package, its front and back to become the main display surface, but if the width of the side and the main display surface, also sometimes the same design. Become the exact same "main exhibition surface", no matter what Angle all get the unified feeling.

2, color printing packaging is mainly positive and negative, the side shows the ingredients, function, weight and use instructions, storage period, the batch number of the competent departments and other illustrative words, from the form of elements and components of the party, to be related and different, produce rhythm of change, and reflect the guarantee of science and quality.

3, to the image, text, graphics and color across the face arrangement, put a few surface contact as a subject, a large "surface", and each picture below is complete, the design display in the shop, the combination, using different form for a big advertising images, strong visual effect and promotion effect.

4, Beijing printing labeling of color design cannot leave the relationship with the container, leave the label, the relationship between the inseparable from the relationship with the lid, the pursuit of the background color of the consistency, prominent brand and graphics, in female cosmetics container of white, deserve to go up white label, border with fine lines, elegant black font, appears clean elegant, cognac and black, black label, emphasizing the labeling and container color contrast, the background using gold and silver, white, black and other more saturated color and container away lightness and hue contrast, cause strong, lively effect, the name directly, The logo printed on the container is another way.

General component is 5, and the container labeling body, chest, abdomen, neck, shoulder and top mark and cover Ma Biao, a container with one to three, labeling is varied, the shape of the body, chest, abdomen with sector, oval, rectangular, according to the container form is the shape of the color printing packing and also around the container to stick a circle, labeling chosen, the shape and size has a lot to do with the shape of the container, the container main label generally refers to the body, chest, abdomen, according to the design needs to adopt three, because its area is larger, some containers with this mark, and cap formation of echo, also some containers, (mainly refers to the bottle), plus decorative shoulder label and neck label, and some top label, neck label, shoulder label together, no chest label, abdominal label, the formation of the main label, various forms.

6, the overall packing design, also be used in the packaging and container of coordination, packaging and bottle to stick with the same design, just a little composition changes, both big tonal contrast, but in the font, such as brand and echo, appear on the outer packing container, and container label affixed repeated part of packaging design, in a nutshell, packaging design around a theme, from the perspective of the whole, think big.

When we are in the choice of color printing packaging, must first determine its material, design, and to conform to the requirements of the standards and specifications, if the product does not comply with the rules of the production, then in use, the quality will be greatly reduced, and the effect of the use will also be discounted, so choose before, must be careful to distinguish.

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